Adoption & Foster Care

Want Me to Be Your Daddy? This Wrecks Me.

This week on social media, I’ve seen this video posted several times. I’ve seen it before and it never fails to make me cry.

This one child represents the heart cry of over 400,000 kids every single day in our Foster Care System.

This one boy echoes the utter loneliness of 153 million orphans worldwide.

For my husband and me –  and for every single foster or adoptive parent whom I personally know – this is an everyday reality in our lives and homes.

Our children call us mom and dad – a title that wasn’t bestowed on us because they belong to us by birth. They call us mom and dad because we stepped into their brokenness with them and said, yes.

It’s the most humbling and inspiring part of my life.

To be entrusted with the love of these precious children is a privilege too awesome for words.

My heart’s cry is that we, as a society, will do more for our children. With 400,000 foster children and 700,000 churches in the United States – there shouldn’t be one child without a role model, mentor, and family.

Let’s also pray for the single moms and dads out there who are making ends meet and parenting their children alone. My heart breaks for them.

This wrecks me.

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