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Every Child Matters. Everyone Can Do Something.

Today is Orphan Sunday.

Today, 153 million children across the world awake without belonging.

Can you imagine having no identity, no one who claims you, loves you, provides for you, or leaves a legacy for you to follow?

Jesus promised us in John 14:18 that He would not leave us as orphans, but He will come to us.

143-million children around the world need the church to arise and be like Jesus and come to them. 

Not everyone is called to foster or adopt a child. But everyone is called to do something.

If everyone did something, we could solve the orphan crisis globally.

Pray that every child would find a family.
Pray for those who are working to end the orphan crisis.
Pray for wisdom, understanding and divine strategies.
Pray for ways you can get involved. 

Your financial support makes a difference.
You can provide a bed, a meal, clothing, a christmas gift or school fees.
There are many great organizations to give to, find one and support it.
Our organization is Connections Homes.
You can give through Victory World Church by entering your tax-deductible amount in the  Connections Homes – VWC box.

Donate items to an organization or family whose helping foster children and orphans.
“Like” organizations such as Connections Homes, Wellspring Living, Living 1:27 & 111ProjectGA
Research the plight of orphans in your own community. Find a local organization & get involved.
Become a foster parent or adopt a child. Contact me, I’ll be glad to help you get started.

Bottom line – everyone of us can do something. What are you doing today?

As you gather with your families, take a moment to think about those who have no one.

Talk about this issue and find a way to get involved. 

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