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Looking For a Fun & Easy Way to Encourage Your Kids? Try These!

One of my most popular posts is 8 Phrases Foster & Adopted Children Need to Hear. Bringing value to my kids through words is one of those things in parenting children that I have to always be intentional about.

Here are some easy tools that you can use to share love with your kidsPrint them for lunch boxes, mirror posts, or pillow surprises. Share them through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Love on your kids with words. 🙂

Graphic Series: Healing Words. Mending Hearts. 

I absolutely adore you. I love using the word “adore” when speaking with my kids.

I Adore You


I will always be here for you. Whether your child is biological, adopted or in foster care – always let them know that they can count on you.


Always There For You.


If you had a fan club, I’d be President. I’m always telling my girl’s that I’m their biggest fan. Whatever they do in life, I want them to know that I will be there to celebrate them.

Biggest Fan


You have greatness in you that will astound the world!!! Every person has greatness, destiny and purpose in them. Encourage your children to believe in theirs.

Greatness In You


I believe in you. People rise and fall according to the expectations of those who matter to them. As a parent, you matter. Tell your kids that you believe in them.

I Believe in You


I love you. The most important thing you can say every day is I love you.

I love you.


Anything worth saying is worth repeating in different ways. I love you. I love you. I love you. You can never say it too much, to often or in too many ways.

Worth Repeating


You’re more special than you’ll ever know. Even more than ice cream. 🙂 Now, we all know that if you’re more special than ice cream – you’re pretty special!!

More Special Than Ice Cream


Nothing you can ever do will make me love you less. My kids have done some pretty um… interesting… things – but regardless of their actions, behaviors or words – I will always love them unconditionally.

Nothing You can Ever Do


You aren’t like anyone else in the world!!! That makes you incredibly special! I want my kids to know that they don’t have to conform to anyone else, they are special, unique and created for a purpose.

You are unique


I’m so glad that God brought you into my life!! Whether your kids came to you through birth or through foster care/adoption, God placed them there! Make sure they know that you celebrate that.

So Glad You're in My Life


You are amazing!!! Sometimes, it’s just nice to hear someone say it.

You are amazing


You can do anything you set your mind to – chase your dreams. I want my kids to follow their dreams wherever they take them.

You can do anything.

More to come…

Do you have a favorite phrase that you’d like to share in this way? Comment and I’ll create one just for you!

By the way, YOU ARE AMAZING! 🙂

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