A Hidden Treasure

I was cleaning out my couponing/office space tonight and came across the Mother’s Day gift that Kristan gave me last year. It, once again, brought tears to my eyes. She spent so much time putting this together and it will always be among my most precious possessions.

It’s a simple valentine candy heart box filled to the brim with typed memories that she has of me. Every time I open it I’m reminded that my love for her and hers for me is a hidden treasure that we carry with us always. I am also always reminded thy we never know when our kids are truly paying attention to our words and actions. Some of these memories that she typed out are years old and of seemingly insignificant events that she holds dear in her heart.

Here’s just a few:
“I remember when I was organizing my bookcase when I was suppose to be cleaning my room back in Pegram. You were right next to me looking through some of the books scattered on the floor. Daddy was fixing the bathroom before he saw my room. He had criticized my cleaning methods by saying that I’d made an even bigger mess than there was to begin with. But you saved the day by making your world-famous statement: ‘well, sometimes you have to make a mess to clean a mess.'”

“I love how you and daddy are always showing each other how much you love each other. Although I’ve been known to make an ugly face when you guys kiss, I still think it’s sweet”

“I remember when you first showed me that online picture of Heather, we were both so happy.”

“I remember the day in Cary when you would lie in the hammock. I would interrupt your reading/dozing off – but we had such good conversations.”

It’s so touching to read memory after memory that she took time to write down and to realize that in moments when I didn’t even realize it I was touching her heart.

Of course there are also those memories that she could have left out:

“I remember in North Carolina you were driving me to school. I told you to slow down, but you, being as stubborn as you were, wouldn’t listen to me. When I came home from school, I found out that you’d gotten your first speeding ticket on that very spot in the road. You should’ve listened.”

It’s just such a wonderful reminder to treasure every little moment with your kids because you never know what they are keeping hidden in their hearts.

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