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Have You Ever Been THIS Bold? I Haven’t.

My daughter is raising money for a 6 month return to the Ukraine to help orphans in the same city that she was an orphan for 12 years. I’ve gotten a lot of questions like, “How do you feel about this?” “Does she know that the whole region is embroiled in conflict?” This post is my answer to those questions. Have you ever been THIS bold? I haven’t. To hear it in her own words, click  here to visit her GoFundMe page.  


Have you ever done something that EVERYONE around you thought was crazy?

“It couldn’t possibly be the right time.”
“You aren’t in your right mind.”
“You’re too young.”
“You’re too much of a risk-taker.”
“You just aren’t thinking about all of the consequences.”

We’ve all heard and said those things in our life. I’m thinking/saying them right now – to my daughter. And, honestly, I don’t know whether to thank God or wring her neck that she’s not listening. My heart cries, “She’s 21 – and, really, she’s only been my daughter for 3 years. That’s not enough time. This isn’t safe. What if…”

Katya’s story isn’t easy…. abandoned as a baby and raised in an orphanage until 12, she found hope when she was adopted and brought the United States. That hope was soon crushed in a cycle of abuse and ultimately ended on a one-way flight back to her orphanage when she turned 18. In the Ukraine for three months, alone and at risk of being trafficked out of the country – she was rescued by a missions organization.

She came to us broken, wounded and rejected. The journey hasn’t been easy, and there have been many days that I just wanted her to relax, rest and trust. But, this one… well, she has too much fire for that. She’s a survivor, a fighter and a fierce defender. That’s why she’s going to the Ukraine – to fight, to fiercely defend and to teach others how to survive.

My mother’s heart wants her to stay home – stay safe. My mother’s heart also greatly adores the courage it takes to walk into uncertainty – because you are called. 

God is the same – yesterday, today and forever. He was God in the pit with the prodigal and God in the prison with Paul. He is still God in the Ukraine with my sweet girl. In this, I find comfort.

She burns with fierce love for her precious Ukraine. I burn with fierce love for her.

I know that God gives us our children for a season and that He is the ultimate author of their story. This truth doesn’t make it any easier. But, I trust God above all else, and if He’s calling her – I won’t stand in the way.

Her flight is scheduled in April – she has a little over a month to raise $2650 for her 6-month stay there.

We will miss her greatly.
We will pray for her daily.
We can’t “make” her stay. But, we can help her not starve while she’s there. 🙂

Have you ever been THIS bold? I haven’t. Will you join us and help Katya bring True Hope to the Ukraine?

Any support is appreciated. Thank you!


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